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Who We Are

A Sacred Choice was created to bring together places of worship and funeral service in a bold, new way to create a synergy between them that serves their members well during a time of grief. 


In countless years gone by, the church, parish or synagogue was at the center of community life. This was where Baptism took place, where Confirmation followed, marriage vows were taken, anniversaries celebrated and funerals were held. The church provided a place to honor and say farewell to loved ones. At A Sacred Choice, we believe that the reason the church was at the center of people’s lives, the place where they turned first as life demanded celebration or comfort, was and is where God is present and they are surrounded by a community of love. That is our hope for you if you are a family suffering a loss…that you will be consoled by your family and friends, even acquaintances, but that your greatest peace will come by hearing the words that begin, “I am the Resurrection and the Life, saith the Lord…” 


As experienced and caring funeral directors, we have listened over the years to what people have said about funerals. As the cremation rate rises as do memorial services, brick and mortar funeral homes with high fixed costs ponder how to recoup lost revenue present in traditional funerals. Generations of Americans have changing values when it comes to funerals. The desire for expensive caskets and packages providing things under the heading of “personalized service” that they don’t really need or want are not as appealing. We’re also in an era of lower church attendance in some areas. A significant number of churches nationwide count many more people on their roles than actually attend services. We feel the need to do our part in encouraging families to have funerals at a place of worship, and to rely on the advice of the ministers and pastoral care teams.  


We assist families with those changes in mind through a low basic cost, taking no profit on merchandise or accepting commissions provided by third parties such as florists, caterers or newspapers, thus giving a special incentive to call upon your church, whether you attend regularly or even if you haven’t been in years. We think of our firm as an extension of their pastoral care efforts. It is not our name that will be found but that of the church, who, we have every confidence, will surround you with God’s love, honor the person who died while honoring God, provide many of the items you may wish to be a part of the funeral experience and remain in contact with you as you continue through the grieving process. In short, we are trying to do our part to build God’s Kingdom. 


We hope that you will take the time to read about us, our story, mission and values, as well as other information we have provided. We are available day or night to respond to your needs.