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What Makes Us Unique


Our approach to funeral service and relationships with families and places of worship is extremely unique and groundbreaking! 


We begin with a very inexpensive basic fee, and with no profit taken for any merchandise and/or third party vendors unless required by the vendor to do so. This alleviates any and all potential pressure placed on families to make expensive choices, while insuring that the highest level of service is provided.



"John!  I went through your FB page and website.  As you know, I’ve been out of the industry for a decade, but from brief dalliances into funeral service these past years, YOURS is a fresh, right on the mark concept for what so many are interested in. Congratulations!  BRILLIANT IDEA!!!!!"

Ben G. Coleman, Author and Former COO, Western Division, Stewart Enterprises.



Our goals are:


  • To increase the number of funeral/memorial services/visitations held in churches and other places of worship.
  • Be an instrument of the Holy Spirit to cause all members, including those not presently active, as well as potential members to become acquainted or reacquainted and comfortable with a sacred place of worship.
  • Work in a consultative nature with churches, pastors, and pastoral care offices to support their needs while honoring the family’s wishes. This means insuring that the church is the primary source of assistance to the families at such a sensitive time. A Sacred Choice will be an instrument of that support. 
  • Provide needed services in the most economical manner possible while maintaining a high level of quality and personal service. 


All scheduling can be done through the church (arrangement conference and services) and we will meet each family at the church or at their home, according to the desire of the family and pastor. They can also come to our firm if they wish. We will encourage every family to have their visitations (if allowed by the church) and funeral services, as well as memorial services at their place of worship. We also have several visitation venues available as well as our own funeral home location. 



To be clear, a licensed funeral director is only required to:   


  • Be present at the removal of the loved one when the family is present.
  • Complete and file a certificate of death, report of death and burial transit permit.
  • Attend any service in which the loved one is present (Graveside and Funeral).
  • **A licensed funeral director is NOT required to be present at a memorial service even if an urn is on display. **

As you can read, a basic fee and no profits taken from any other source is an approach that we think will serve both families and their faith homes well. Our location is small, since we hope families will choose to use their places of worship for services, so we don’t have the high “brick and mortar” costs most other funeral homes are forced to charge for to support their buildings and grounds. In the same way, our associates are called on only when needed to care for a family and consequently personnel costs are low. By not having a large fleet of automobiles and their associated costs, we can lease appropriate cars and other vehicles on an at need basis, charging only what we are charged. 

We receive no compensation or percentage of the charges a family incurs from newspapers, florists, caterers, or vendors, but will be pleased to connect families in need with our valuable contacts. We believe, however, that most churches/synagogues will be glad to make their sources available when needed. The majority of churches have  funeral committees, florists, caterers or chefs, fellowship or parish halls, etc. that are at the family’s disposal.  

We believe this to be Funeral Service in the future and are honored to be at the forefront of these changing attitudes, values and desires, while encouraging people to choose to work through the church, parish or synagogue of their choice.