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A death should be an occasion to celebrate and honor the life of your loved one while respecting the values and wishes you hold important.

We recognize that people's values regarding funeral service are changing.

Cremation is increasing, with the average over 50% in many areas of the United States. The days of expensive caskets and ornate funerals are declining. People are finding value in being surrounded by family, friends and loved ones.

We are a full-service funeral home, recognizing we are part of one of the most diverse communities in America. We seek to serve all faiths, sects, and nationalities.

With nearly 60 years’ experience serving families at some of the largest and most prestigious funeral homes, we are uniquely prepared to assist you and your family during your time of need.

Our intent is to offer each family the opportunity to memorialize their loved one in an affordable and respectful manner regardless of economics while still upholding the highest level of service.  We begin with a very inexpensive basic fee and with no profit taken for any merchandise and/or third party vendors unless required by the vendor to do so. This alleviates any and all potential pressure placed on families to make expensive choices while ensuring that the highest level of service is provided.